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Mental illness is strikingly prevalent among young adults, necessitating innovative solutions beyond traditional, often inaccessible treatments. What if there was a tool that not only improves your understanding of your emotional state but also enhances your fitness and sports performance?

Introducing our first neurocomputer, uniquely designed to bolster mental and emotional well-being while boosting athletic performance. This groundbreaking approach fosters better interoception - heightened awareness of internal states, a vital skill for both mental health and peak sports performance.


Interoception, the ability to perceive your internal body signals such as your heartbeat, plays a pivotal role in emotional and mental well-being. Many disorders like depression, autism, panic disorder, eating disorders, substance use disorders, and PTSD often exhibit lower interoceptive accuracy.

Our upcoming product, ThinkHeart, harnesses the power of interoception. With our technology, you can become more attuned to your internal state, fostering better interoception.

Feel your heart, heal your mind.

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