"Traditional AI architecture is like a carriage trying to sail: unfit and inefficient."

At ThinkBe, we’re building the technical foundation to foster a new paradigm of human-centric innovation: One which feels natural through building solutions that process information, such as we do.

We’ve created a Hard-Core AI Chip that breaks the paradigm of the semiconductor industry, boasting unparalleled speed, energy efficiency, cost, and size. Our novel approach of transforming Python into FPGA structures or chips allows us to draw inspiration from the human brain and apply it to the burgeoning AI industry.

Our focus is building AI-centric consumer products that not only process information locally, instantaneously, and efficiently but feel natural, almost biological, in their user interface.

With our hyper-powerful and efficient HC-AI Chip, ThinkBe will revolutionize the personal technology landscape. Laying a foundation for compact and offline human assistants starting in the personal and medical health sector.

Our team draws strength from diverse professional backgrounds, fostering a rich melting pot of ideas that fuel our continuous pursuit of excellence. Our unwavering commitment to R&D, coupled with our proprietary technologies and agile methodologies, uniquely positions us to think outside the silicon box and advance at an unparalleled pace.

To a better future,

ThinkBe Team.