Omni • Link  

Helping students develop, connect & stay safe.


We want to give kids (7+) the ability to safely explore the world around them, by encouraging academic curiosity through mentorship in their journey to adulthood.


Our only focus is to protect your child's data, body and mind at all cost. Our competitors only want to make a profit, we only want to make a difference.


With GPS accuracy within a few meters in optimal conditions, feel at peace that your child is safe. You can set boundaries and be alerted if Omni•Link is removed.


You can talk, text and video chat with your children at any time with 3/4G communication, all at a price you can afford with a company you can trust.

Academic empowerment

We're building an biomonitor that connects students to the best professionals in their fields. We match emotional features to allow students to learn from certified professionals who used to be just like them: learn more

Rise and shine

Sleep tracking, bedtime/school alarms and create to-do list directly on the app or Omni•Link. We help your children understand more about their sleep and how it affects them. We make it fun and easy!

Activity & rewards

Activity tracking has become the norm, so we decided to create real rewards based on preset goals. These rewards go towards popular kid products and family vacations. Did we mention it's water proof up to 50 meters?

Data privacy

We'll never keep your child's GPS data, messages or anything private unless it's an SOS alert. In such, an event we only keep this data until we know your child is safe.

Location notifications

Whether or not your child is leaving school or just arriving home, create smart notifications for reading, homework, chores, and much more. Think it, then set it.

Every child is unique & capable.

Coming this August, 2019